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Porlex Mini Hand Mill

Porlex Mini Hand Mill

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  • This knob makes grind adjustment easy.
  • The mini's burrs (left) next to those of the Hario Slim
  • A close-up of the upper and lower burrs
  • The rubber band around the mini has a slot to keep the handle close when travelling.
  • This is how the burrs look from above.
  • The Porlex Mini in an Aeropress
  • The lower burr
  • A close-up of the burrs.
  • It fits in an Aeropress brewer.
  • The under side of the Porlex burrs (left) next to those of a Hario Slim
  • It's hard not to compare the Hario Slim to the Porlex Mini.
  • The burrs...up close.
  • The handle is easy to remove and attach.

Porlex Mini Hand Mill

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Quick Overview

"Less is more" with this grinder made by Porlex; it's only 5 inches tall. The body is all stainless steel and the burrs are ceramic. A spring keeps the lower burr pushed away from the upper burr which helps when grinding coarse for french press brewing.

I think the grind quality is good, on par or slightly better than the Hario mills with ceramic burrs. It creates a little more "fines" than the Zassenhaus Turkish Mill. The handle is longer than the Hario mills which makes a big difference; it gives a lot more leverage in grinding so it is less of a workout.  It just has better ergonomics and a better knob to grip too. I ground 22 grams of coffee in 50 seconds with the Porlex, and it took 30 seconds longer in the comparable Hario - not a huge difference but the burrs seems to pull in the beans better and faster.

The capacity for whole beans is 26 grams (about a little more than 1/4 cup). That's enough for 1-2 cup brews. Of course you can refill and grind more for larger amounts. The flange underneath the burrs adjusts how fine or coarse your grinds will be. Turning it to the right will tighten it and create finer grinds. About 7 to 8 clicks from the tightest position will give you a medium grind. We recommend you experiment and discover what settings are best for your brewing needs.

It has a rubber holder for the handle that removes easily from the top of the grinder and keeps all the parts together. For travel, it can actually fin inside an Aeropress if the rubber handle holder is off. The lid, handle and and other parts fit very well.

If you aren't able to read Japanese, the text on the box and included literature won't be of much use to you. Luckily, there's not much to it...just add roasted coffee, attach the handle, turn the handle and you will be grinding coffee.