Java has a unique position among Indonesian coffees. It is the original coffee planting area, with coffee coming to Batavia (Jakarta) and being planted in the area of Bandung early in the Dutch colonial era. The arabica coffee plant was brought to Indonesia from India in 1696. Java coffee had a legendary status around the world until the last century. Mocha and Java coffees commanded huge premiums, often 10x to 15x more expensive than Brazil coffees in brokers lists from the 1920s. Aside from history, Java is unique in that it is most often wet-processed, resulting in a relatively clean cup, without earthy or dirty flavors found in some lower-grade wet-hulled Indonesia coffees like Sumatra.Read more

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  1. The covered drying room at a process site in Sunda (West Java)

    Java Sunda Wet Hulled Mitra

  2. Java Wet Hulled Frinsa Estate

    Java Wet Hulled Frinsa Estate

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