Manual pour-over drip brewing is one of the cheapest, easiest ways to make great coffee. Plus, with a manual brewing method, you can be assured the water hits the correct brewing temperature of 195-205°(unlike most auto-drip machines), and that the grounds are thoroughly saturated (again, unlike most auto-drip machines).

We have always been fans of pour-over brewing and we were happy to see an influx of new filtercone designs in recent years. But how do you choose? Typically you would choose by cup size, and how much time you want to spend on the pour. Ideally you want a 2-4 minute infusion time. The Clever Coffee Dripper has a stopper, so you pour once, let the coffee steep, and after 2-4 minutes release the coffee into your cup. Brewing on a Hario V60, on the other hand, is like perfecting an art form. The V60 has a large drip hole and so requires a slow and steady pour to maintain the thermal mass of the coffee and draw out the infusion time. We also carry filtercones that are closer in design to a standard Melitta, with a flat seam bottom and two small drip holes. For any of these brewing devices you will want to fine tune your pour time and grind size to render a cup that is suitable to your taste.

Keep your dripper clean to ensure a great tasting cup. Cleaners like Cleancaf and Tabz work great!

For more information, we have a page on Brewing Fundamentals and a Drip Brewing Tip Sheet.