More filters than you can shake a stick at!  We have Filtropa and Bamboo V-shaped paper filters, Chemex filters, conical filters, as well as permanent filters. Wondering which you need? If you are using a Chemex, use a Chemex filter. For your standard V-shape, flat-bottomed filtercones like the Clever Coffee, Bonavita, Bonmac #2, Bee House Dripper, etc., the oxygenated Filtropas or Bamboo Bonmac filters are the way to go. Cylindrical filtercones like the Bonmac V-shaped Plastic Dripper, Hario V60 Ceramic Drip Cone work with the Hario V Shaped Filters. Visit out Brewing Fundmentals page and Tip Sheet for Drip Brewingfor brewing tips and information.

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  1. Bonmac Bamboo Filters

    Bonmac Bamboo Filters

  2. Filtropa Filters

    Filtropa Filters

  3. Kalita Wave Filters Kalita Wave Filters

    Kalita Wave Filters

  4. Replacement Musa GASKETS/Filterplate

    Replacement Musa GASKETS/Filterplate

  5. The Disk: Stainless Steel Filter for AeroPress by Able

    The Disk: Stainless Steel Filter for AeroPress by Able

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