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Grinding before you brew is important for a good cup of coffee because coffee starts to stale 10 minutes after it is ground.  Here are three factors to consider when choosing a coffee mill:

1. How do you brew your coffee? (Filtercone and paper filterEspresso? French Press?)

2. How much coffee do you need to grind at one time? (This will determine which capacity hopper you need.)

3. How much you want to spend? (Although more money will buy you a better grinder, there are some alternatives to get you in your grind range, keep reading.)

For drip coffee consider a mid-priced conical mill from Baratza. If money or countertop space is a factor, a whirling blade mill like the Bodum Bistro Blade Grinder will do the trick. A less noisy option is a manual mill which gives you an even grind and can be a good choice if you are brewing only one cup at a time.  For a good espresso extraction you will need a quality coffee grinder that can achieve a fine, even grind. Our mills for espresso are built to last and are serviceable after warranty. An inexpensive alternative to an electric mill is a manual mill, which will give you a fine enough grind for espresso, though it will take some time and muscle to achieve.  You can compare any of our mills based on the "Additional Info" information we provide for each mill. We also include the grind range so you can determine if the mill is right for your brew method of choice.

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