Colombia Huila El Templo de Palestina

El Templo de Palestina has brown sugar sweetness at City/City+, that changes toward more dark caramel with roast level. Flavors of apple and white grape are refreshing, and define acidity too. Heavier roasts bring about fruited chocolate and some rindy citrus, retaining much of the brightness of lighter roasts. City+ to Full City+. SO Espresso.

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The vereda El Templo lies within the greater municipality of Palestina. 'Veredas' are basically small villages, usually far less than 1000 people. El Templo lies just south of Pitalito, and is part of a vast area that is well known for prime coffee cultivation. The municipality of Palestina has a larger growth of Bourbon than most areas in Colombia, though this lot is mostly Caturra. It is a blend from many small farmers in the region, so we expect some Bourbon, and to a lesser degree, Castillo mixed in. Altitude in the region ranges from about 1550 to 1750 meters. Processing is fairly 'traditional' for Colombia, with manual pulpers, fermentation for 16 - 20 hours in concrete tanks, washing in the same tank, and then drying on raise beds and patios.

This cup profile of Templo is propped up on honey sweetness, and with fruited top note that make for a nice complex cup character. Honey and tea biscuit, some dried apple, dark roasts have a resin-like sweetness, smokey, and thick. Adding hot water gives off a nice scent of apple pie, baked fruits, cinnamon and brown sugar. The break lets off a nice waft of black walnut in the steam. The cup has a nice brown sugar sweetness at City, that changes toward more dark caramel in the City+/Full City roast range. These light roasts have a refreshing apple flavor, white grape, toasted sugar, and some cacao nibs in the back end. The acidity is bracing, and malic. At Full City, the mouthfeel is thick, and there's a strong fruited chocolate, dark berry, and even some cindy citrus. Acidity remains articulate in the darker roast levels, and adds a nice contrast. Will make a stunning espresso too.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Varietal Bourbon, Caturra
Processing Wet Process (Washed)
Grade Excelso
Arrival date August 2014 Arrival
Appearance .4 d/300gr, 15+ screen
Intensity/Prime attribute Medium Intensity / Developed sugars, clean fruits, bracing acidity
Region Templo de Palestina de Huila
Roast City+ to Full City is ideal to capture the versatility of this coffee. Full City+ will work as an espresso but best sans 2nd crack.
Organic N/A
Farm Gate Yes
Recommended for Espresso Yes