Mexico FTO Chiapas WP Decaf

This is a well balanced decaf, with malt grain, dried stone fruits, and raw cane sugar. The sweetness found in the cup extends through to the finish. This coffee cups best at City+-Full City roast levels, but will handle Full City+ roasts just fine. Its a nice decaf and works well for espresso too. City+ to Full City+.

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A good Mexico decaf coffee is an uncomplicated, straight-forward cup. This lot stood out on the cupping table, but we honestly don't know a lot about it's origin because it comes from AMSA group, a coffee factory in Chiapas that processes many local coffee lots for export. While we prefer to know the origin of our coffees or arrange direct purchasing, we still look for opportunities to obtain nice coffees, even if they come from an indirect route. It's supposed to be about cup quality, in the end. This lot is decaffeinated using water processing, a direct contact method that uses water filtration to separate the caffeine from the coffee without using chemical solvents.

The dry fragrance and wet aromatics are clean and sweet, some nut notes, and slightly fruited. There's a bit of that typical 'decafy' aroma when you add water to the grinds, but it's rather sweet, like brown sugar, peach, and candied nut. The pleasing note of developed sugar and nut intensifies on the break. Overall, this Mexico decaf makes a well balanced cup. There is a slight 'decaf' herbal taste, verging on malt grain, but it's not the focus. We find dried fruits like peach and nectarine, as well as a raw cane sugar note. The sweetness extends through to the finish and there is a piquant quality on the tip of the tongue. This works best at City+ roast to uncover these sorts of flavors, but will handle Full City+ roasts just fine. It's a nice decaf, and works well for decaf espresso too.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Varietal Various
Processing Wet Process, then WP Decaf
Grade HG
Arrival date August 2014 Arrival
Appearance .4 d/300gr, 16-17 Screen
Intensity/Prime attribute Mild intensity / Clean and uncomplicated flavor profile
Region Chiapas
Roast City+ to Full City+ is recommended.
Organic Organic Certified
Farm Gate N/A
Recommended for Espresso Yes