Sweet Marias Ethiopiques Blend

Incredible espresso and brewed coffee. Full City shots have ultra sweet chocolate flavors, along with citrus complexity, and prevalent floral characteristics. Its definitely on the wilder side of espresso, but without being over the top. Fruit flavors shift throughout the middle and finish, and the sweet aftertaste lingers long. City+ to Full City.

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Ethiopiques, an all Ethiopia coffee blend for espresso. It was our our 17th Espresso Workshop blend from a few seasons back, and with its popularity, we've decided to make it one of our regular blends. This a a vividly bright espresso blend, complex, high-toned, amazing ... but perhaps not for everyone (especially those who only make milk drinks). The espresso editions are limited, lot-specific blends inspired by the ingredients, rather than imposing a fixed idea on the result, then looking at the coffees to achieve it. This is a blend of wet-process coffees from the South, from Sidama and Yirga Cheffe specifically, as well as a Western coffee, interjecting from fruit-forwardness in the cup - all scored 90+ points on the cupping table. These are nuanced coffees, and while they are moderately bright, the resulting espresso isn't too puckering when taken to Full City, or stretched out in the roaster post 1st crack. In fact there is very intense chocolate roast taste formed by this specific coffee blend, and that is one of the dominant characteristics of the cup - as well as intense florals topped with brightness. What does Teddy Afro, famed and shamed Ethiopia music star have to do with this blend? Not much, but he does have an amazing voice. Millenium song! And you really should check out the Ethiopiques compilation records to appreciate the rich jazz and pop music traditions of that great land.

By standard cupping methods for brewed coffees, these ingredient coffees are mellow enough, but extracting this blend in an espresso machine produces something quite different, and very intense. The dry fragrance has citrus and tropical fruit suggestions, over chocolate notes. The wet aroma follows in the same footsteps, with more clarification of fruited notes, raisin and plum, with slight acacia floral hints. The espresso shot is surprisingly syrupy. The chocolate roast taste is pungent, aggressive, bittersweet, and long-lasting on the palate. But it is also very clean, succinct, not earthy or rustic. On top of this are intense florals - jasmine and sweet pea - lemon oil and rind, raisiny ripe fruit and red berries. The body seems bolstered by the intense cup flavors, and has the effect of satiny chocolate. It's fantastic! As usual I preferred longer pulls at around 202 initial brew head temperature. We are finding this also makes amazing Americano (espresso + water), as well as brewed coffee. These are all current-crop coffees folks, showing no age, and at their peak and each scoring above 90 points. And it can be used as the 'bright' component in a blend that tones it down a bit. For example 2/3 Brazil or El Salvador with 1/3 Ethiopiques.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Varietal Heirloom Varietals
Processing Wet Process (Washed)
Grade Grade 1
Arrival date July and August 2014 Arrivals
Appearance .4 d/300gr, 15 -18 screen; there are some tiny beans in there!
Intensity/Prime attribute Bold Intensity / Intense and tangy chocolate, accented by brighter fruit notes, citrus oils, florals
Region All Ethiopia Coffees
Roast This blend works well at Full City. I would not take it to 2nd crack unless you feel it is too bright at FC roast. Lighter roasts have a tongue-grabbing brightness ...very nice espresso, if you can handle it, and works fantastic as a brewed cup!
Organic No
Farm Gate Yes
Recommended for Espresso Yes