Urnex Grindz - Coffee Grinder Cleaner

You can clean the internals of a burr coffee grinder with uncooked "minute rice" and save some money, but Grinds is a product that's been created specifically for grinder cleaning. Grindz is the first ever cleaner developed for burr coffee mills of any configuration (flat burrs, conical burrs, deep-v conical burrs).
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It's compatible with all the mills we sell, both espresso-specific mills and multi-use grinders. The formula is all natural and completely food safe, and cleans the grinder burrs and casings. It removes tainted, stale coffee oils, and most flavored coffee odors. (Now how did that flavored coffee get into your coffee mill?!?)

The recommended use per cleaning is 40 grams for espresso mills and 80 grams for shop grinders. The new retail packaging has three packets so it is still about $3 per cleaning. You can use less for home mills, extending the uses you get per packet.

It is recommended to use this every 2 weeks on mills that you use every day. Grindz is not going to magically remove years of coffee residue, but it will keep a clean grinder in top shape without disassembling the mill and scrubbing the burrs every time. If you have neglected your mill, forgive yourself and start by removing the burrs and cleaning it out with a brush. Then start using Grindz every 2-3 weeks and your mill will stay clean and happy! There is a Grindz FAQ that has some further information about the product.
Material Food-safe ingredients