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Sweet Maria's Coffee Flower Stainless Steel Cupping Spoon

Our latest coffee tasting spoon features a drawing Tom made of an arabica coffee flower. The drawing was based on botanical artwork from a 1944 French manual on coffee varieties. The handle has the Sweet Maria’s design etched in it, while the coffee flower in the bowl is laser etched in the 304 Stainless Steel. It’s true, you don’t need a special spoon to “cup” your coffee.  But it’s fun, and what the heck.

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This spoon has a deep round bowl, moderate size overall, that special curvature of the handle to permit skimming the coffee from the top of the cup. Each spoon weighs 52.5 grams, measures 16cm long (6.3 inches), has a 45mm bowl that will hold 5.5 ml of liquid. 

Material Stainless Steel