Green Coffee Sample Set- Regular

Pre-selected coffees from many different growing regions. An economical way to start roasting or find some new favorites. We choose the coffees. Choose either a 4Lb (4 x 1Lb bags) or 8Lb (8 x 1Lb bags) set.

*Please note that we can't make substitutions or take special requests for our samplers. Thank you!

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Type Sample Sets

A selection of 4 or 8 different coffees. They are curated by us each day.

Trying a sampler is the best way, in my opinion, to get started home roasting, especially if you are not sure what coffee to choose. We can not promise a particular origin in the sampler.

In the 4 Lb and 8 Lb sample sets we try to include a coffee from every coffee growing continent and a range of processes. Some folks have suggested that having a larger quantity of a single bean that takes a range of roasts is a better way to learn roasting -- I think getting a range of flavors so you can start to see the difference origin makes is better. The choice is up to you really.  Limit one sample set per order since we cannot ensure against duplicates if you order multiple sample sets.