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Origami Ceramic Dripper -Medium

The Origami coffee dripper is made in Japan of high density Minoware clay, a 400 year-old tradition in the Gifu region. This medium sized Origami brewer is great for making 1-4 cups of coffee, and can be used with Hario V60 type conical filters, or will take Kalita type wave filters with a flat bottom. You can add a collar in acacia wood or clear resin to the dripper for an additional cost.

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The Origami dripper is an elegant and colorful addition to the morning coffee brew. When used with the V60 type conical filter, the 20 folds encourages faster brew time by enabling faster airflow, perhaps a reason it is used by many brewing competitors at coffee events. When used with a Kalita wave style filter, it can be used as a flatbed brewer. (We prefer the V60 with this dripper though). 

It's best to use the Origami dripper used with a collar ring to improve stability. The holder ring is additional to the price of the dripper, and you can chose either acacia wood, or clear resin. (The collar has no contact with coffee in brewing).

  • The medium size dripper is suitable for 1-4 cup brew. (There is a smaller size, but we only carry Medium though).
  • 20-fold design fits with original larger size Kalita Wave, or the standard #2 size V60 paper filters. We like using V60 conical filters for better air-flow
  • Ceramic material made with Mino porcelain, with excellent heat retaining properties
  • Conical shape fit with most pour-over holders stands.
  • Dripper weight is 0.4 Lb, 3.25" tall and 5.5" diameter

Origami tips:

  • Do you need the collar ring? My experience is yes, you do. The Origami is pretty stable without a collar if the vessel you brew into has a 3” to 3.5” opening. But then it sits lower and can contact the coffee in brewing. The collar ring elevates the dripper, keeps it level and gives more stability. The clear ring has notches that hold the dripper a tad better than the wood, by the way.
  • Brewing recipes? The Origami importer, Slowpour, has a page with great brewing tips! 
  • Filter Type: Hario V60 Filters or Kalita Wave Filters 185 .

Dimensions 4" x 5.5" x 4.5" The diameter of the opening is 4.5"
Country of Origin Japan
Material Ceramic
Cons A little expensive for filters...but worth it, It won't hold enough for coffee guzzlers
Pros Attractive design., Clean, minimal design, Customizable brew profile, Does not require electricity, Easy to clean, Excellent pour control, Good quality, durable., The cup quality is great

The Origami is ceramic and it's ok to run through the dishwasher, but we think hand-washing is best though. The clear resin collar ring should be hand-washed only, and the acacia wood collar should only be wiped clean. Do not soak the wood collar in water.