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Drum Roasting Starter Kit

Drum roasters produce a more even roast with balanced body and brightness. They also roast more coffee at once for those who drink a lot of coffee and need something with easy controls. This kit includes a Behmor 1600AB Plus roaster, an 8 lb Green Coffee Sampler, a roast log, an Escali L600 scale and valve bags for storing roasted coffee.


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Drum Roasting Starter Kit
Drum Roasting Starter Kit

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    This kit includes:

    A Behmor 1600AB Plus Drum Coffee Roaster
    8 Pound Green Coffee Sampler
    Ten 1/4 lb valve bags for storing your roasted coffee
    Escali L600 Scale
    Sweet Maria's Roast Log for recording your roasts

    *roast log is complimentary with this kit, valve bags are discounted*

    The Behmor 1600AB Plus home coffee roaster is a simple, easy to use unit with a smoke reduction feature that makes it a pleasure to use indoors. The larger batch size (compared to air roasters) makes perfect sense for those who want to roast their own coffee once a week, or those who roast coffee for the office, for family, or for gift-giving. It has pre-programmed roast times, heat curves, and an automatic cooling cycle. It also has manual control where you can adjust the temperature and drum speed.

    Batch Size 1/2 - 1lb
    Control Amps for heating element, Color LCD display acts as a programming interface and a readout during the roast.
    Roast Time 10-20 minutes depending on batch size
    Heating Source Halogen heating elements
    Dimensions 8" x 4.5" x 4.5"
    Warranty 1 year warranty. Parts available after warranty from Behmor.
    Cons It can take a little while to figure out the settings.
    Pros Chaff collection, Cooling cycle, Durable, Economical way to get started drum roasting, Great visibility, Smoke-neutralizing catalytic converter makes it a terrific smoke free option
    Volts/Watts 110v/1500w

    The Behmor roaster has a strong feature set, but it's not without quirks. We have composed a thorough extended review of the machine, with data compiled from months of testing the pre-production model of the roaster. We encourage you to read our review, scan for relevant parts, or at the minimum read our summary comments. Perhaps it seems odd, but we are rather critical of our products since the goal is to match the right machine to the right person.