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Dogs of Coffee Playing Cards

Dogs, Coffee, and lots of Cooper Bold typeface! Finally you can have all these things in one beautiful and compact package.

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Our custom Dogs of Coffee playing cards provide 54 times the enjoyment of those old-tyme puppy pinup pictures. These images are culled out from or Dogs of Coffee photos of the last 8 years, and unlike our Dogs of Coffee calendars provided unlimited amusement for years to come. Well, provided your dog doesn't chew up half the deck. And while we are discussing downsides here, let me be honest: These are pretty lousy for actual game play since, having matching fronts and backs,  your opponent might actually memorize which dog images match which card face. But hey, isn't that a fun game in itself ... the cheating game ? We think kids of all ages will love this built-in defeat mechanism. Anyway, this is a full custom deck of 54 poker-size cards (+2 jokers). Tom has written a little text for the face side, since he remember each and every dog in these photos, from origins all over the coffee-producing spectrum. Best of all, no Luwak were harmed in the making of these cards.