Bodum Replacement Beakers - Glass or SAN Shatterproof

Choose between glass and shatterproof plastic. Shatterproof beakers are made of SAN material (BPA-free). These shatterproof beakers fit standard Chambord frames, so you can use this to replace the glass carafe of your Chambord press.
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Note: For shatterproof beakers, you will need to replace the entire filter assembly with a Poly/Stainless Replacement Filterscreen. If you use the standard filter assembly in the shatterproof beaker, it will scratch the interior walls. Not the worst thing, but a bit unsightly and probably makes it harder to clean over time. Unfortunately, Bodum does not offer a warranty on these so please be careful when using your french press.

4 Cup: 17 oz: 4" d x 5" tall
8 Cup: 34 oz: 4" d x 7" tall
12 Cup: 51 oz: 4¾" d x 7" tall
Cons Not very well filtered
Pros Simple & straightforward brewing method