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Upgrade Control Panel for Behmor 1600/1600 Plus

This is for those who wish to update a Behmor 1600/1600 Plus only! If your Behmor has a silver door, this is the correct upgrade panel for you. 

A two piece upgrade kit for Behmor users with the 1600AB Plus (black door) is available here

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Are you a Behmor user frustrated by the Err7 safety feature? This unassuming panel and updated motor will do the trick. Installing it into a Behmor 1600 or 1600 Plus (older models, NOT 1600AB Plus) roaster will add a beep function when the safety feature kicks in. The new panel also includes an updated processor with more memory and a shorter refresh time for more effective profiling. The updated panel is also universal, which allows compatibility with 110V and 220V electrical grids. The updated motor will allow you to better control the drum speed during the roast cycle. 


Please note: this upgrade is only compatible with the Behmor 1600 or 1600+. If you have a Behmor 1600AB Plus, you’ll need a two piece upgrade kit - you can purchase here 


You will have to install it yourself with standard household tools. Instructions will be provided with each panel. Click here for an installation guide. Don't be too intimidated by installing one yourself! As long as you have the time and patience, it can be done. It's not complicated - installation should only take 30-45 minutes. 


For longtime Behmor users, this installation is more complex than the previous control panel upgrade - you'll be swapping out the drum motor, the control panel and the PCB board. While printing the installation guide can be helpful, be sure to print in color or keep the PDF pulled up on your computer nearby - the color-coded images make installation far less complicated. Pay particular attention to the spade clip release when disconnecting the orginal PCB board - we found that needlenose pliers were particularly helpful to release the clip. 



  • Beeper function - Unattended Feature and end of roast warning
  • Code Rewrite
  • Updated Processor: cuts refresh time and more memory
  • Universal power board
  • On board transformers allows for future flexibility
  • Improved multispeed drum motor


Dimensions 8.5 x 3.25 x 1.5
Material Glass, Silicone, Stainless Steel
Cons You have to install it yourself.
Pros Beeper alert for Err7, faster refresh time makes the roaster more responsive