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Popper is a Coffee Roaster

Popper is a coffee roaster, an electric air machine that can roast 100 grams of coffee in 7 minutes. People have roasted coffee with hot air popcorn poppers for decades now. Popper roasts the same way, but has control over time, temperature and air speed, with a 3:00 cooling cycle at the end of the roast. Popper comes with 1 Lb. of coffee in the box ... and you can add our discounted samplers below too.

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Popper is a simple coffee roaster, a great starting point for your home roasting adventures. Popper offers easy control of heat and air flow, for those who want to make manual adjustments during the coffee roasting process. This is a moderately-priced machine that roasts coffee evenly, and offers simple, intuitive user control. 

Popper uses a similar roasting chamber as the popular air popcorn poppers, but adds a digital count-down roast timer,  heat and fan control, as well as a cooling cycle. We suggest roasting 100 gram batchs (3.5 oz) for best results. By default, Popper starts with a default 7 minute roast cycle and a 3 minute cooling cycle, although these can be adjusted at any time when roasting. Popper has no pre-programmed roast settings, but you can manually profile roasts using the heat and air control knobs.

Popper is a good option for first-time roasters as well as those who want a simple (yet controllable) roast process. While there are other coffee roasters that feature larger batch sizes, longer roast cycles by default, and user-adjustable roasting programs, Popper is a very approachable machine. You can see the roast progress easily through the transparent top, and make adjustments. While Popper has a basket to collect chaff, some small pieces can escape in the roast. Popper can do a range of roasts, but is best for light and medium roasts. It can roast well for espresso too, but isn't good for those who only like French roast beans. And like all roasters, you need to stay by the machine to monitor the roast when it's in use! 

We have sold many hundreds of Popper, and received positive feedback from those who have used them extensively, beyond our own testing. There are two feedback items we want to emphasize to get the most out of your machine:  First, it is possible to turn the Fan Speed knob past the click-stop positions, so it no longer lines up with the Off-Low-High marks. Don’t be too rough with it and it should be fine. (I have units with 100+ roasts and knob works totally fine).  Secondly , we have had a few defect units where the fan speed starts to fluctuate while roasting. In time it might stop turning. As with all coffee roasters, you should never leave the roaster unattended. If the fan slows during a roast it could burn the beans. If you hear the fan slowing down or it stops, unplug the machine right away. We will replace these units.

We have video demonstrations of the Popper coffee roaster in action, more FAQ observations, Pros and Cons, and other details in our Popper Coffee Library page

Popper comes with 1 Lb. of coffee to get you started, and you can add samplers at a discount too!

Batch Size 100 gr
Control 3 knobs control time, temperature and fan speed
Roast Time 7 minutes by default, extendable
Heating Source Electric heat coil, 1150 watts
Dimensions 7.5"W x 7.5"D x 15.5"H
Manufacturer Agnes LLC
Country of Origin China
Capacity 100 gr / 3.5 oz
Material Thermal plastic, metal, electrontics
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty for Household Use
Cons No automated roast profiles, Cools the coffee in the roast chamber, Small bits of chaff escape the collector
Pros User control of time, temperature and fan, Easy to view the roast in process, Manually "profile" the heat, or add time to the roast, Three minute cooling cycle
Volts/Watts 110v 1200w