Ethiopia Uraga Wolichu Wachu Station

This coffee delivers the goods, floral grace notes take center stage (jasmine and apple blossom), along with raw cane juice sweetness, accents of sweet lime, mandarin, grape juice, and more. Vibrant lemon acidity. City to Full City. Good espresso.

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  • Process Method Wet Process
  • Cultivar Heirloom Types
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Uraga, Guji Zone
Processing Wet Process (Washed)
Drying Method Raised Bed Sun-Dried
Arrival date August 2018 Arrival
Lot size 75
Bag size 60 KG
Packaging GrainPro liner
Farm Gate Yes
Cultivar Detail Heirloom Varietals
Grade Grade 1
Appearance .2 d/300gr, 15+ screen
Roast Recommendations City to Full City
Type Farm Gate
Recommended for Espresso Yes

The Wolichu Wachu station is a newly erected coffee processing site near Haro Wachu town in Uraga, Guji Zone. The wet mill was built just over a year ago and serves nearly 5000 small farmers in this high altitude area, where coffee is grown up to 2300 meters above sea level. This lot was one of the best Gujis this season (if not THEE best) and though we did not visit the site last year, we will make sure to stop through when in the region in December. Guji is not far from Yirga Cheffe, and both are known for producing extremely clean cup profiles that are overtly floral. This lot is a fully washed coffee, which in the case of this particular station means the cherry is depulped and fermented for 2-3 days, then soaked for an additional 8+ hours in clean water before washing away the remaining fruit, and then drying on raised African drying beds. The coffee is hand sorted all along the way from whole cherry, to wet parchment on the drying beds, to the final dried seeds, which is a boon to cup cleanliness and uniformity.

From light to medium roasting, there's no mistaking this coffee's origin, a "classic" Guji all the way with big, overt floral aromatics, lush citrus, and lovely tea-like qualities. The dry fragrance gives off a perfumed scent of jasmine pearl tea, highlighted by cinnamon spice and raw honey. A honey-to-butterscotch sweetness builds in the wet aroma, but what's really striking is the level of fresh floral smells emanating from the steam, a combination of jasmine and tuberose. In the cup, this one delivers the goods. Even when hot, a floral grace note takes center stage, along with focused, raw cane juice sweetness in light roasts. Clean sweet undertones give way to soft citrus accent notes like sweet lime, and mandarin, and florals go from the expected star jasmine to a sweet apple blossom note. Our darkest roast was at the inside edge of Full City, and proved to be super juicy in flavor and mouthfeel. A flavor of dark grape juice (think Welch's) lingers, rue-like herbal hints, and with a dense, dark chocolate undercurrent. Acidity is most prevalent sub-Full City roast level, and has tart and refreshing aspects of lemon spritzer. This is a standout brewed coffee, and Full City roasts make for an intense espresso. A high level of dark cacao bar flavor anchors citrus and floral top notes.