Chemex Paper Filters (FS-100)

Chemex Paper Filters (FS-100)


These are specifically designed for Chemex brewers, these fit all Chemex models except the small 3 Cup size.

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Material Oxygen bleached paper
Country of Origin US


These filters are 20-30% heavier than standard filters and filter out the finest sediment, but also slow down infusion time, rendering a super clean cup with good body. Since these filters are extra thick, pre-rinsing to reduce paper taste is crucial. 

You will have trouble using non-Chemex filters in one of these brewers. The "neck" between the top and bottom is a large diameter for regular cone filters and they tend to split at the seam, or completely fall through into the brewer, under the weight of the hot water and coffee grounds.

100 per box.

**PLEASE NOTE: orders for more than 6 boxes will be cancelled and refunded. We are not a wholesale supplier of Chemex filters.**