Hottop Programmable Roaster KN-8828B-2K+

*Please note, this machine drop ships from the manufacturer, not the Sweet Maria's Warehouse. Extra processing time and shipping may apply* 

The Hottop KN-8828B-2K+ is for advanced home roasters who understand roasting basics and crave more control over roast profiling. This is the newest model, with the ability to connect to a computer based roast profiling program of your choice. You will have the ability to run the roaster from the software once properly configured, or you can control the roaster directly from the controls on the machine.

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Includes a free 8 pound green coffee sample set with coffees from different origins. Choose from 'regular': coffees good for traditional brewing methods, or 'espresso': coffees good for espresso preparation and darker roasting. 'Espresso' sampler option may contain some blends and some single origin coffees.

The KN-8828B-2K+ Hottop Programmable Roaster is for those who want larger batches than the air roasters, longer roasts, a commercial type roast-and-cool cycle, and a more robust machine. This model also adds the ability to connect to third party computer software for roast profiling.

With the HotTop, you are going to need ventilation to the outdoors, ideally by installing it under a kitchen vent hood.

Some features include:

- Manual control of all parameters during roast

- USB graphic, logging, roast control

- 3 user profiles can be saved in non-volatile memory

- All roast parameters easily saved at end of roast

- Quiet operation allows you to hear the roast, not the roaster

- High quality stainless steel surface

- Large capacity, heavy-duty stainless steel drum, 225 - 300 gram capacity

- 2 stage air filter to lessen particulates in smoke

Hottop continuously improves the machine and we ship only the most recent production model. Note to our Canadian customers, there is an additional charge for shipping roasters to Canada due to the dimensional weight added by UPS and USPS. Please note that the owners manual included in the box does NOT have the instructions for the KN-8828B-2K+. Please DOWNLOAD THE KN-8828B-2K+ PDF INSTRUCTIONS and review them, as well as the safety and use material in the owners manual before using the machine.

Here's a link to the KN-8828B-2K+ User Manual


Batch Size 9 oz
Control Color LCD display acts as a programming interface and a readout during the roast.
Roast Time 15 to 17 minutes
Heating Source Electric heating element in drum area.
Dimensions 20" x 10" x 15"
Warranty 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Parts availabile at
Cons Expensive; Difficult to clean
Pros Quiet, good visibility, Built in line voltage control; Color LCD display: Quick external cooling, Support and parts available on Hottop's website.
Volts/Watts 110v / 750w

Top filters should be changed every 100 roasts. Rear filters should be changed every 20 roasts. The HotTop benefits from a deep cleaning every so often. The roaster can be disassembled completely in order to clean all the inner parts of roast smoke residue and oils.