Holiday Brew Kit

Give the gift of home brewing to the coffee nut in your life! We'll include a discounted pack of filters and 1 lb of roasted coffee* to help you get started. Just choose the brewer of your choice and a pack of corresponding filters. 

*To ensure you receive the freshest roasted coffee available, we cannot accommodate special requests/replacements for the 1 lb of roasted coffee

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Filtercone - #6 size with Thermos ExtensionThis larger filtercone has a narrow funnel that directs brewed coffee into the neck of a vacuum bottle. These are a translucent dark colored plastic and use #6 size paper filters but work very well with #4 size filters too. One thing to notice is the base flange at the bottom of the cone is only 3 in wide. It's made for narrow thermoses (thermosi?) not to brew into wider-mouth bottles or jugs... 

Bonmac #2 Single Hole Porcelain Filtercone The single hole design reduces the margin for inconsistency since the brewed coffee drains slowly. You can do without a Hario Buono kettle, and still get a good result. It takes a standard #2 flat bottom cone filter, although you can also use a larger #4 flat bottom cone filter. 

Clever Coffee Dripper - The Clever Coffee Dripper combines the best features of French press and filter drip brewing. It differs from a normal filtercone by way of a stopper added to the bottom: water only drains once the filtercone is placed onto a cup. As a full immersion brewer, you get full flavor extraction and good body. Large Clevers work with #4 filters, and Small Clevers work best with #2 filters. 

Hario V60 Ceramic Drip Cone - The Hario V60 is different from most drippers in that it has a gaping hole at the bottom. The Hario V60 can result in excellent brews if you use the right pouring technique. It's all about the pour. With that said, a kettle with a thin spout is necessary. 

Wave Glass Dripper by Kalita The glass Kalita Wave is easy to use, easy to clean and sure looks nice. The glass exterior lets you view the brewing process and it makes a really good cup of coffee. The three small holes in the base allow for good drainage while being restrictive enough to give you good extraction.

Wave Stainless Steel Dripper by Kalita  A flat bottom allows for the bed of ground coffee to form into a wider shape in comparison to a cone or V-shape brewer. Is a flatter bed of coffee better? Not necessarily...but we think it's easier to evenly pour hot water through a wider, flat surface that drains at a moderate pace. The three small holes in the base allow for good drainage while being restrictive enough to give you good extraction.