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Ecotact Green Coffee Storage Bag

Ecotact Green Coffee Storage Bags are stand-up pouches with zip seals that are ideal for storing your green coffee long term.

9 multi-layers of high barrier plastic help to prevent shifts in the moisture level of green coffee beans and will preserve the cup quality of your unroasted coffee. Available in 1KG, 2KG and 5KG sizes. 

For more information about hermetic storage for green coffee, check out our in-depth article here

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We ship our green coffee in basic zip bags, which are fine if you plan to roast your beans within a few weeks. For longer term storage, we recommend using these Ecotact stand-up pouches with zip seals. 

At Sweet Maria's, we usually prefer to eliminate as many plastic products as possible in the interest of the environment. So why are multilayer, high barrier plastic bags best for storing green coffee? We have found that a bean's potential cup quality can be degraded by environmental changes, particularly in moisture levels. Green coffee is really a dried seed with an ideal internal moisture level of 10-11%. Without proper storage, green coffee will absorb moisture in a humid environment and lose moisture in an arid environment. A barrier package helps to lock in the bonded humidity and prevent it from equalizing with the ambient climate, preserving cup quality. 

Please note: regardless of packaing, it's important to store green coffee in a temperature stable environment away from direct sunlight. 

Bag Dimensions: 

  • 1KG: 18 cm W x 26.7 cm L
  • 2KG: 22 cm W x 40 cm L
  • 5KG: 30.5 cm W x 36 cm L
Material Plastic