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AeroPress Coffee Maker

A unique coffee maker for small amounts of coffee ... and great for travel too. It makes a very clean, sediment-free cup in a short period of time, and is easy to clean up.  Brewing with the AeroPress gives good control over the variables - you can easily adjust the water temperature, water-to-coffee ratio, or grind size, to change the results. Another thing we like is that all parts are BPA free.

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The AeroPress is a coffee making system ideal for travel, or for anyone who likes to enjoy a smaller cup. For those who are interested in brewing with the Aeropress but like a larger cup of coffee, one can always brew a concentrate and then add hot water to preferred volume. 

There's really only one problem we have with this brewer: the claims made by the manufacturer! This is not an espresso maker, as they claim, nor are other "made-for-TV" type exaggerations on the package true. This is a press brewer that makes a smaller volume of coffee, and can easily make very concentrated coffee (but will not be able to generate enough pressure to actually make espresso). Another thing we like is that all parts are BPA free.

We like it to make a quick, small, clean cup. You can also modify the brewing ratio to make a larger volume of brewed coffee: We regularily make 300-500 ml of coffee with the Aeropress. 

The Aeropress comes with a pack of 350 filters, filter holder, stirring paddle, measuring scoop, and funnel. It's a complete system; no need to buy extras unless you need a carafe or cup to brew into. We find it easier to brew into something clear, rather than opaque. 

Capacity 8 oz
Material BPA-free Plastic
Cons Small capacity
Pros BPA-free, Brews great coffee quickly, Convenient, Easy to use and clean, Portable, Simple & straightforward brewing method

Wash with warm water and a little soap. Wipe Clean. Occasional cleaning with mild / diluted coffee cleaner. Do not use strong cleaners, such as espresso machine formulas.