Urnex Cleancaf - Brewer Cleaner

Urnex Cleancaf is a coffee maker cleaner and scale inhibitor designed for any brand of home automatic drip coffee brewer. The box contains three single use packages, and it is recommended to use the cleaner once a month. The solution attacks mineral buildup, lime scale and rancid oils at the same time, unlike white vinegar or lime juice.
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If you have an automatic drip brewer and haven't cleaned it in 6 months I can guarantee that you are producing tainted cups of coffee! This cleaner is food safe and non-toxic. It is recommended for both home filter-drip coffeemakers and as a through the tank cleaner for many espresso machines (any machine that does not have a 3 way valve).

The solution can also be used to clean coffee cups and other plastic accessories. Avoid extended contact with aluminum.