Roast Chamber - Fresh Roast SR800

Replacement glass roasting chamber for the FreshRoast SR800. Can be used with the SR540, although more effective with the heavy duty fan in the SR800. 

Not compatible with SR500/700 models. 

In stock

You might want to get one of these if you broke your roast chamber or if you think that it's inevitable that a spare one will come in handy. This chamber works with the SR800 roaster only - not the older Fresh Roast +8 models, SR300, SR500, or SR700 roasters. For +8 contact Home Roasting Supplies directly. You can purchase chambers for the early SR models here

This roast chamber can be used to boost the batch size of your SR540 - that said, in our experience, the heavier duty fan in the SR800 base unit is necessary to for a successful 8 oz batch.