Timor Leste is the independent nation occupying the eastern half of the island, with the western portion being a part of Indonesia. Before the independence was declared from Portugal in 1975, East Timor was producing coffee and sandalwood as its chief exports. Small scale coffee farming was revitalized by cooperative farming associations, with funding from international grants. Coffee was wet-processed, but not to high specifications. Lots were bulked indiscrimantly, and final milling occurred in the very humid port capital of Dili. We are now seeking to separate the regional coffees, and get lots from small farmer groups and wet-mills. With flavors that are unlike other wet-process coffees, as well as nearer neighbors like Sumatra and Sulawesi, Timor is an interesting origin in both cup flavor, as well as culture and history. [Learn more in our Coffee Library].

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  1. An effective wooden hand-crank coffee depulper, Timor Leste

    Timor Leste Goulala Village

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