Espresso Monkey Embroidered Beanie Hat

We're proud of our new beanie hat with the Espresso Monkey Blend design embrodered on it. It's super soft and stretchy, a perfect hat is perfect for kids and adults alike. You know how some knit hats are tight and binding, leaving a pattern on your forehead and such? This is plush and elastic, and won't give you a headache! We wanted something that would fit youngsters but it truly is a one-size-fits-all ... and comfortably. Plus it won't break your budget, and is a nice add-on gift for those who like coffee, don't like coffee but like monkeys, or like both. Ok, I know I'm overselling but I just like this beanie! 

In stock

Super stretchy, super soft "dark roast brown" beanies with cream colored we have a coffee color theme. 

Material Acrylic