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Digital Thermometer with Thermocouple

This low cost Digital Thermometer with a thermocouple wire probe is a simple and effective way to monitor temperatures in a roaster. Especially when snaking a flexible wire into the roast chamber, it is easier than drilling holes for a rigid thermometer shaft.

It comes ready to go with a K-type thermocouple that is rated to 480 degreees and a 9v battery installed.

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The temperature range on this thing is great: -58 f to +1382 f ! I

You have a choice of Celcius or Fahrenheit readout on the big easy-to-see LED screen, and a hold button in case you want to freeze the readout screen at a particular moment (not sure why you would want to). With an pen, paper and a watch, you can create roast curve charts and graphs the old fashioned way! You can replace the thermocouple with any K-type probe, available at any electronics store. The thermometer is made in China and imported by Circuit Specialties. It also comes with a nice zippered canvas carrying case.

It is possible to get the wire to fail or melt so be careful what it comes in contact with. Make sure just the end of the wire is touching the bean mass to get a proper reading and to ensure long life of the thermoprobe.

Please note that this thermometer is accurate to +/- 6 degrees.