Aillio Bullet R1 Roaster


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The Bullet R1 is a 1KG (2.2lbs) personal/sample solid steel drum coffee roaster. Automatic drum pre-heating, adjustable heat and fan speed, and continuous real-time feedback provided by infrared bean and drum temperature probes combine to allow for precise, consistent roasting. Details of each roast can be digitally recorded and saved as roast profiles that can then be replayed or shared between roasters. Requires regular cleaning and maintenance. 

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*Look out for status updates on this page and or the Bullet support library page.*

Please allow 5-7 business days to process Bullet orders for shipment after the order has been placed.

*Max. 1 Bullet R1 per order*

The Bullet R1 is a good option for the home roaster who wants more control and capacity, or light duty commercial roasting. The machine can easily roast at its top capacity of 2.2 pounds per batch with its induction heat technology, and offers a new level of control of roast parameters from the touchpad controls or USB connection to a PC. We received our test unit a couple months before our first batch of Bullets arrived for sale on Oakland and it has inspired a lot of enthusiasm around the warehouse. Roasting test batches on the Bullet became a bit of an obsession actually, and in attempting to write a good, dispassionate description I (Tom) find myself fighting to restrain myself a bit. I don’t like to say things like “the best” or “the finest” ... but I really think this is a big step forward in small roasting machines. I was traveling down dirt roads in south Ethiopia collecting coffee samples, and found myself thinking about how great it will be to get these home to roast in the bullet! 500 grams is a nice batch size for the machine and I made sure my farm samples were at least that much. The basis for this excitement is in the roast quality and control. The solid steel drum and dynamics of heat transfer, as well as full control of the induction heat, air flow and drum rotation speed, has produced some roasting magic in the cup. The ease of use, to “record” and “playback “ roasts (and share them with any other Bullet user), live logging of roast settings and ROR (rate of rise) on the beans, and the fact you can do back to back roasts ( start a new batch while cooling the previous one) are all frosting on the cake. Plus it is built to last and looks pretty damn good too! The machine is designed by Jonas and Jacob Lillie in Denmark and built in small batches in Taiwan. Nearly every part for the Bullet build is sourced by Jonas, even down to the screws, to ensure the quality and longevity of the machine.

Connect the R1 to a PC via micro USB (type A), and you can view your roast profile on a graph in real time using the free proprietary "Roast Time" software program. You can then save your roasts, allowing you to "plug & play" successful profiles, or exchange roast data with other R1 users

Batch Size up to 2 lbs
Control push-button digital display or PC connect
Roast Time fastest roasting for 1kg is 12 min
Heating Source invection
Dimensions L: 59cm W 31cm: H:42cm (L:75cm including bean cooler)
Manufacturer Aillio
Capacity 1 kilo
Material steel, plastic, silicone
Warranty 2 year parts/labor
Cons Large, somewhat heavy, no smoke suppression
Pros Large batch size, highly responsive to user input, real-time control of roast parameters, PC compatibility: save roasts digitally onto a computer and then play them back or send to a friend, easy to clean, very sturdy construction is built to last, active
Weight 34
Volts/Watts 110v/1500w

Bullet Support Page

Basic Cleaning (please note: roasters purchased in 2019 on are equipped with an updated IR sensor that self-cleans using jets of clean air. The updated IR sensor will not have a glass cover.) 

Manual Download

Roast Time Firmware Update

Roast Time Software for Windows and Mac (this ships free with Bullet roasters)

Download USB drivers

Download Exhaust Adapter 3D Files

IBTS Installation Guide

...and here's a good Bullet Facebook Group.