Zassenhaus Knee Mill - Beechwood

The Zassenhaus Knee Mill is a hand-powered grinder featuring the same grinding mechanism as the Box Mill, with an obvious improvement: the narrower profile and indentations in the side allow you to hold the grinder between your knees while sitting. This is handy when you grinding at a fine setting, when there is more resistance.

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This model is narrower than the Box Mill but has more depth; the drawer holds enough coffee for a 6 cup pot. The beans enter the mill through a spring-loaded rectangular door on the top of the mill.

A bonus on this mill is that the upper bean hopper is lined with a white porcelain or porcelain-like material. Like the other Zassenhaus mills, the fineness of the grind is set by turning a knurled nut on the handle shaft. It creates wonderfully consistent grinds for all methods of brewing.

Beech finish has chrome hardware. 3.5" w x 5.5"l x 8"h