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Yama Tabletop 5 Cup Brewer with Stand and Lamp

The Yama tabletop model works very well. It uses a cloth filter and produces a very clean cup. The stand doubles as the handle and can be a real pleasure to use. It's a lot more affordable in comparison to other models.
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The Yama Tabletop Syphon-Vacuum Coffee Maker, including stand and alcohol lamp, resembles is the "classic" model of the Cona Vacuum Brewer where the stand also doubles as the handle.

The Yama tabletop model works well, with the main distinction between the Cona and Yama being the later uses the Yama cloth filter assembly. Please note that the glass filter drainer rod will not work in this model - the funnel is too narrow. The feel of the unit is also a bit cheaper - which is understandable; it is 1/4 the price of a Cona.

This model is so named because you do not brew on a stovetop ... instead you use a lamp or burner to brew the coffee. As with all vacuum brewers, it is best to start the process with pre-heated water from an electric kettle. You can use cold water - but the process takes longer. The standard lamp the table top Yama comes with is an alcohol burner. It uses denatured alcohol, which is available from camping stores, or any hardware store (don't use any other fuel). Also, keep in mind that adding too much water adds to the risk of an overflow. We have also been told that brewing at high altitudes can add to the risk of an overflow as well

We stock the Yama Butane Burner, which is a very convenient upgrade for this brewer. This model is only available in a 5 cup (20 ounce) size.

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Yama vacuum pictorial.

Yama Downloadable Tip Sheet.
Dimensions 15" x 5" x 5.5"
Capacity 20 oz
Material Glass, Metal, Plastic
Cons Fragile
Pros Looks impressive, Makes clean coffee