Sweet Maria's Home Coffee Roasting

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Costa Rica Micro-Mill & Farmers Visit to Sweet Maria's

It was a regular coffee-cupping, soccer-ball kicking how-down at Sweet Maria's on September 27th,2008 as the touring herd of Costa Rica Farmers slash Micro-Millers crashed the gates. We are going long on these coffees, but they seemed to be stopping at every single roaster who ever bought a bean of Costa Rica coffee all up and down the West Coast. My buddy Aleco at Stumpertown had just spent 4 days in a van with them, doing Seattle and Portland. Phil up at The Goat had them the night before, and he says that Tico's do like wine, a lot. But I wanted to rock their world with my intense seriousness (eh), so I set up a cupping for them which paired their micro lots (can we kill that word yet?) with other coffees of the world. The point is this ...as Costa Rica expands their coffee styles, do they have flavor awareness of coffees from other origins, ones that have similarities with these new Costa Rica flavor profiles? If you do a dry-process in Central America, do you know what a really good dry-process Ethiopia is like, and what a defective DP Ethiopia is like? If your coffee has high acidity and berry, do you know what Kenya profiles with berry fruit and currant are like? Or a very clean, high grown Brazil Pulp Natural from Carmo de Minas area. I was impressed with the familiarity and skill of the farmers with tasting. And we all got a hoot from Guillio, who seemed tired or hungover or a little bored. We like that level of honesty, especially when he told me he likes his coffee with sugar. I won't hold it against him ... and he bought a Freshroast to test his own coffee with greater ease. In fact, it turned into a heck of a shopping trip as they bought Behmors and iRoasts and Freshroasts, so they can avoid asking one of the labs to roast for them. (Be assured we gave them a discount as deep as the Marianas trench). So here is the list of trouble-makers below who came (most of them I already have met in Costa Rica), those who got free Sweet Maria's soccer balls and cap cups, did a lot of cupping, loaded in a van and were gone. I feel satisfied that a lot of information was shared, and we sent them to their next visit (Blue Bottle, I think) over an hour late. Sorry James.

Juan Ramon Alvarado - Brumas del Zurqui, Central Valley
Timoteo O Brien - CAfetin de San Martin, Tarrazu
Francisco A. Mena - Exclusive Coffees S.A.
Emilio Gamboa - Montes de Oro Micromill , Tarrazu
Laura Gamboa - Montes de Oro Micromill, Tarrazu
Hector and Pablo Bonilla - Don Mayo Micromill, Tarrazu
Guillio Francesa Ferraro - Guillio¬ęs Micromill, West Valley
Ricardo Perez - Helsar de Zarcero Micromill, West Valley

DNS List (sadly, because I like their coffee a lot)...
Manuel Antonio Barrantes - Herbazu Micromill , West Valley
Leonardo Barrantes - Herbazu Micromill , West Valley

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