Too Much Catnip Ceramic Mug

Nobody really needs another coffee cup. But there sure is something nice about enjoying a coffee that you roasted yourself in a cup you really like. To that end, we confess extreme bias. We don't like mugs. Well, let's soften that, we're just tired of oversized mug-jugs of coffee. So we found these cups from Japan that are a reasonable volume, look really great and are made beautifully. This is the kind of cup we like for our coffee; and we thought some of our customers might find them fun as well.

**Please note, these cups do absorb the heat of their contents. They are not made of extremely thick ceramic. If you like to drink your coffee super duper hot, these might not be the best for you.**

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This cup is a little under 10 oz in capacity.  

Capacity 10 oz
Material Ceramic