Sweet Maria's Majirani African Blend

Intense espresso, bracing lemon acidity in middle roasts, high % Scharffen Berger chocolate, tart cranberry, lemon verbena. Acidity is toned down a bit at FC+, but still shows candied citrus flavors. City+ to FC+. Great espresso (see review)
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  • Process Method Wet Process
  • Cultivar Bourbon Types
  • Farm Gate No
Processing Wet Process
Cultivar Detail Bourbon, Heirloom Varietals
Grade Top Grade
Appearance .4 d/300gr, 15 -18 screen; there are some tiny beans in there!
Roast Recommendations This blend works well at Full City for dual use, but as light as C+ for brewed coffee, and dark as FC+ for espresso - see review for more specifics
Type Sweet Maria's Blends

"Majirani", an all East African coffee blend for espresso, and that works well as brewed coffee too. We thought about making this a Workshop blend, but those come and go. And while this will certainly "go" once ingredients are no longer fresh, we love the results, and so plan to bring back annually. The ingredients will change of course, and right now, this is a four-part blend of all washed coffees from Ethiopia, Burundi, Rwanda, and Tanzania. These countries neighbor each other more or less, and so we're using the name "Majirani" as it's Amharic for neighbor. All of the coffees scored high as single origin, big sweetness, moderate to bright acidity, and viscous body. These are nuanced coffees, top notes garnering as much attention as positive attributes like sweetness and acidity. Burundi, Rwanda, and Tanzania ingredients are made up of all bourbon varietal too, which in the case of these ingredients, means dense sweetness, and balanced bittersweet cocoa tones at the darker end of the roast spectrum. These ingredients make for a high-toned espresso, which settles down a bit with roast, but a zippy lemon accent refuses to be erased altogether even at Full City+. A versatile blend for those looking for a "dual use" option, and espresso roasts should see at least 48 hours rest in my opinion.

Majirani is a force to be reckoned with. Espresso extraction yields an intensely sweet and extremely viscous liquid, both aspects leaving pleasantly memorable flavors on the palate. Grinding middle roasts gives off big fruited notes, dark stone fruit and berry, along with roasted cacao nib and sweet cedar smoke accent. Fruited smells perhaps make the strongest impression in the wet aromatics of City+/Full City roasts, with essence of cooked fruits in a cinnamon spice bread. I found this tight middle roast range to be great for brewed coffee, and at the Full City end of the spectrum, functions well in both brew and espresso applications. I like a bright espresso, and Full City shots are bracing to say the least. A zap of fresh squeezed lemon kicks in at the first sip, making way for layers of raw sugar sweetness and thick, syrupy dark chocolate goodness. All along the way accents of tart cranberry, herbaceous verbena, and pungent burned sugars pop in and out of focus, and a flavor of high % Scharffen Berger chocolate fills out the long aftertaste (and I mean loooooong). Those looking to tone down acidity a bit can take to Full City+, just the beginnings of 2nd snaps, adding layer upon layer of bittersweet cocoa roast tone, and with uncompromising sweetness to balance things out. Citrus notes still come into play, but more of the 'rindy' nature, candied orange peel, or lemon shavings soaked in simple syrup. F We are finding this also makes amazing Americano (espresso + water), which is no surprise. This can also be used as the "bright" component in a blend that tones it down a bit. For example 2/3 Brazil or El Salvador with 1/3 Majirani. I would let espresso roasts rest for at least 48 hours, but preferably 72 hours.