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Sweet Maria's Glass Measuring Beaker

Here's a sturdy glass beaker for brewing coffee into or drinking coffee out of, with about a 600 mL capacity (roughly 2.5 cups). The image is from a French book of botanical drawings from the 1940's. The images are of the coffee plant variety Bullatta, which is one of many coffee types that has been collected for research and breeding, but is not actually a palatable coffee.
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This beaker is great for brewing coffee into, and it is even a good cup to drink out of, if you prefer to drink a very large amount of coffee at once! This works with the Aeropress, and most of the pour over drippers that we carry. Keep in mind that the top has a 4" diameter, so it's pretty wide, and some pour over drippers might need to be balanced on top of it rather carefully.

This beaker is constructed from thick and sturdy lab quality borosilicate glass. 5" tall and 4" across the top. Made by Catamount Glass Company out of Vermont.
Dimensions 5" tall and 4" across the top
Capacity 600ml
Material Borosilicate glass