Sumatra Lintong Grade One

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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate No
Region Indonesia & SE Asia
Grade 1
Appearance 1.0 d/300gr, 17-18 Screen
Roast Recommendations City+ is ideal, but you can do just about anything with this coffee and get great results. FC+ was awesome too.
Weight 1 LB
Lintong coffees are from Northern Sumatra, the island that is politically and geographically part of Indonesia. This coffee is produced on the slopes surrounding Lake Toba (interestingly, one of the deepest lakes in the world). Lintong coffees are mostly farmed by the Batak peoples are the indigenous tribe that works the coffee in this area, as are the Mandailing people, so the designation is a bit iffy. We offer the top grade, specially prepared Lintong coffees as Blue Batak in honor of the people, and Lintong are their more rustic cousins. This particular lot comes from late harvest, at a time when I am anticipating the earliest new crop arrivals from other areas (Lintongs are always a bit later). So I was really happy to cup this solid Lintong coffee. The dry fragrance, especially in the light roasts, was phenomenally intense. It might go against common sense, but I find Sumatras like this more complex in the lighter roasts than in the usual darker roasts they receive. The main reason is that many commercial roasters use color and surface texture as indicators of roast level. They roast coffee until the bean looks attractive. With a Sumatra like this, you will mostly likely hit 2nd crack at the point where the surface texture and variegated bean color evens out, and (I think) you may have gone too far at that point. Ignore appearance, try a lighter roast. The aromatics are pungent and the cup is complex at City+ roast, with herbal tones, and butterscotch sweetness paired with malty grain notes. There are hints of tobacco and spice (clove, pepper). The sweetness reminds me of chicory root and molasses. Of course, I roasted this to FC, FC+ and Vienna and it's a great cup across the board, turning more to bass-note flavors and a "noir" cup profile at FC+. But it was my lightest roast, C+, that was the most complex. Give it a try. The preparation of the green coffee is not that pretty to look at, but we don't taste with our eyes! The coffee roasts well, and some of the odd-looking greens roast to an even color, and seem to add rustic dimension to this cup character.