Retro Style Macchiato Cup/Saucer

A sturdy and nice looking cup that is reminiscent of mid-century modern diner ware. Designed for a 3 - 4.5 oz beverage, this cup is admittedly a bit larger than a true macchiato. When filled to the brim the volume will fall somewhere in between a macchiato and cappuccino size. Comes with a saucer.
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We liked this cup because it reminded us of the best kind of diner mug; the ones that look great AND hold up under pressure. These cups are thick walled, so they will keep your beverage hot. Another winning point: the handle is actually large enough to hold onto with your fingers. A good marriage of attractive design and practical function.

The cup measures 3" tall and 3" across the top, the saucer is 5" across.

Available with orange/coral, blue, or black stripes that have the appearance of a hand painted design.
Capacity 132 mL (about 4oz)
Material Porcelain
Cons In between traditional cafe drink sizes
Pros Heat retention, They look great, Very sturdy