Tanzania Shiwanda Estate AA- Archived Review 2017

Tanzania Shiwanda Estate AA- Archived Review 2017


THIS COFFEE HAS SOLD OUT. Clean cup across our recommended roast spectrum, with notes of green tea with table sugar, Cascara tea, red fruit, and dry spice hints. Mouth cleansing acidity. City to Full City.

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Additional Info

Cultivars Bourbon
Grade AA
Processing Method Wet Processed
Appearance .5 d/300gr, 17 - 19 screen
Arrival Date May 2017 Arrival
Region Mbozi District, Mbeya
Roast Recommendation City+ is a good starting point, but then meander north or south depending on taste preference - I don't recommend roasting beyond Full City
Organic No
Farm Gate No
Recommended for Espresso No



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Shiwanda Estate is located in the Mbozi District of Southwestern Tanzania, an older estate that saw a resurgence in coffee production in the late 90's. The estate is roughly 500 hectares of land, and 150 planted in coffee. The estate is planted in mostly Bourbon types, and the altitude reaches as high as 2000 meters. Shiwanda Estate won 2nd place in the Tanzania taste of harvest in 2007. This is the AA large bean outturn, roughly 17 - 19 1/64" in size, AA's are the largest screen size separation and generally cost more, though that does not always equate to higher quality. Thankfully in this case, we did find cleanliness and acidity level to be superior to the PB lot we also bought, though less fruit-forward. This is definitely a dense coffee bean, and can take the heat in the roaster (great option for those roasting on poppers, where there is only one heat setting = hot!). If you're roasting light, you[ll notice some of the beans won't shed their chaff. They look like quaker beans at first glance, but most of the pale yellow coloring is just the chaff layer that is easily removed by agitating and blowing over the beans (or just leave them in place...that's what we did).

At City roast level, the dry fragrance of Shiwanda has a honey sweetness with grain-like notes, similar to Baklavah pastry: honey, phyllo dough, toasted pistachio and rosewater. A shade darker producers dark cocoa and raisin combination, dry spice accenting the steam in the wet aromatics. Tea notes flourish in both our light and dark roasts, a flavor of green tea sweetened with table sugar at City+, that as it cools gives an impression of Cascara tea. If you can let the cup cool a bit, you'll be rewarded with muted red fruit notes, and subtle dry spice hints . Full City gives a similar cup impression, but with a dense dark coca flavor filling out the middle to finish. Shiwanda AA is complex at a wide range of roasts, with mouth cleansing acidity, and both our City and Full City roasts showed a nice clean finish.