Sulawesi Bone-Bone Village - Archived Review

Sulawesi Bone-Bone Village - Archived Review


THIS COFFEE HAS SOLD OUT. The fruit-forward profile of Bone-Bone combines well with rustic, syrupy sweetness, and thick body. The profile is complex, herbal notes, layers of raw sugars, and ripe tropicals. An impressive Sulawesi cup, with a lasting, slow-disappearing finish. City+ to Full City+.

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Additional Info

Grade Grade AA
Arrival Date August 2015 Arrival
Appearance .1 d/300gr, 18 screen
Intensity / Prime Attribute Medium-Bold intensity/Rustic sweet, fruit and foresty flavors and aromas, thick body
Region Island of Sulawesi, Enrekang Kabupaten
Roast Recommendations City+ is ideal for the cup I describe, lighter than other Sulawesi coffees. This coffee can take darker roasts too and develops a good chocolate bittersweet roast flavor.
Organic No
Farm Gate Yes
Recommended for Espresso No



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This offering represents a very small lot from a new project in the Enrekang area of Sulawesi. It's a region just south of Tana Toraja in Sulawesi Seletan, and boasts some very high altitudes. The central village in this area is Bone-Bone (they say Bo-nay Bo-nay), a remarkable little town with the distinction of being voted the "Best Village in Sulawesi". Why? Because the council and mayor banned the sale of cigarettes and junk food snacks in the town! In Indonesia, adolescent smoking is a big problem, and Bone-Bone would have none of it. The area is beautiful and remote: to get to the coffee lands your choices are by foot, mule or motorcycle. We chose the latter, and spent a wild day traveling the muddy narrow trails to reach the highest coffee plots in the area.

The cup is thick-bodied, and has a intense sweetness. Complex rustic flavors, both fruited and herbaceous, are complemented by aroma of apple and sweet spices. City+ and Full City roasts smell so sweet from dry grounds to wetted, and the break produces a steam filled with raw sugar smells and a basil hint. The sweetness is characterized by pectin, fruit-like sweetness and a rice syrup flavor, pairing with the viscous body. Fruited notes build as the cup cools, taking on a tropical flare, ripe mango and papaya, a rindy citrus flavor in the finish, a slow-disappearing aftertaste. Full City roast retains much of the fruit-forward characteristics, concord grape and dark berry, along with a rustic-sugar complexity. There have been improvements in the milling process, preparation of this coffee is really quite nice, with an occasional broken bean or discoloration in a 300 gram sample. It's made quite an impression on cup clarity in comparison to last year's lot too.