Rwanda Kivu Kageyo Station Lot 1- Archived Review 2017

Rwanda Kivu Kageyo Station Lot 1- Archived Review 2017


THIS COFFEE HAS SOLD OUT. Kageyo is complex in light to middle roasts, cinnamon tea, sugarcane juice, vanilla bean, and red apple. Our City+ roast showed pomelo-like acidity, dark berry, cream soda, and baking spice. City to Full City. Good for espresso.

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Additional Info

Cutivars Bourbon
Grade A1
Processing Method Wet Processed
Appearance .2 d/300gr, 17-18+ Screen
Region Tumba, Rulindo District
Arrival Date February 2017 Arrival
Roast Recommendations City to Full City, and brightest results City+ or lighter
Organic No
Farm Gate Yes
Recommended for Espresso Yes



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The washing station Kageyo lies in the highlands surrounding the southeastern shores of Lake Kivu. It's not too far from another washing we purchase coffee from, Gitesi, and is a coffee that hits a similar quality target. In fact, Kageyo was the 1st place winner of Rwanda's Cup of Excellence coffee competition in 2011. But other than winning this competition, the cooperative struggled during this time, taking out a bank loan to build a new wet mill that low harvests made it difficult to repay. A private exporter stepped in to help out, purchasing the wet mill, but leaving the farmer cooperative structure intact. This has benefited the coop in that they are absolved of their loan debt, have a direct connection with the specialty market through a well-established export partner, and retain a supply chain that is completely transparent. This is the first year we've bought this coffee, and let's just say we're happy we picked up more than one lot. The coop is made up of small farmers situated around the wet mill between 1800 - 2000 meters above sea level. Like much of Rwanda, the coffee planted in the region is Bourbon variety. We "built" this lot by looking at all their day lot batches and combining the best ones. It's worth mentioning that this should not be confused with "Kigeyo", a name that you may recognize from other cafe menus. Currently the output of Kageyo is about 200 bags, all of which is split between us and one other buyer.

This lot from Kageyo shines in both light and dark roast applications, the cup boasting raw sugar sweetness and complex baking spice notes. At City, the dry fragrance has a clean turbinado-like sweetness with accent notes of dried apple chips sprinkled with cinnamon. The wet aroma has a wonderful honey base note, with smells of spiced tea and heavy sugar browning released in the steam when breaking through the crust. The cup has layers of spice notes, along with dense cane juice sweetness, a vanilla bean flavor, and a red apple note. Together, light roasts have a flavor element of cream soda with glimpses of candied lemon peel, and cinnamon tea. There's a pomelo-like citrus brightness too, especially at City and City+ roast levels, and structures the flavor profile. Middle roasts construct chocolate undertones and dark berry hints, and with a finishing flavor of chocolate orange and spiced with star anise. A lovely Rwandan cup, light-to-middle roasts making incredible pour-over brews, and Full City roasts doubling nicely as espresso.