"Tail End" Green Coffee Sample Set

"Tail End" Green Coffee Sample Set


Surprise assortment of last-chance coffees!

Additional Info


What constitutes a "tail end" sample set, you say? These are the small amounts that remain when we sell out a particular lot. It's not enough coffee to put on the website. They are great coffees, often from our smallest micro lots that sell out rapidly, but an administrative headache for us! We see it as a mutually beneficial exchange, one where we supply you with nice coffees of our choosing, and in return you benefit from a slightly deeper discount than our other sample sets. Why? Because coffees at the tail end are on their way out so to speak, down to the final 30 or 40 lbs and so no chance to return to the site to purchase more. These aren't "old" coffees, but rather tail ends of really good coffees.

What coffees will you get? It's a surprise, but you will definitely get single origin caffeinated coffees that won't be available otherwise (no decaf or blends). Due to availability, we won't always have this sample set available, so strap on your sense of adventure and get it while you can!