Kenya Nyeri Kagumoini Peaberry - Archived Review

Kenya Nyeri Kagumoini Peaberry - Archived Review


THIS COFFEE HAS SOLD OUT. A vibrant, tangy cup, with sweet mandarin, citric acidity, tart green apple, boysenberry, and red grape. Darker roasts show jammy berry flavors, and are densely sweet. City to Full City.

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Additional Info

Cultivar SL-28, SL-34
Grade PB Main Crop Lot
Arrival Date June 2016
Appearance .9 d/300gr, 15 PB Screen; a higher count of nicked and insect damaged beans - I use "damage" loosely, as we did not separate and the coffee tastes delicious
Processing Method Wet Processed
Region Nyeri District, Mathira Division
Roast Recommendations City roast to Full City is ideal for Kagumoini.
Organic No
Farm Gate Yes
Recommended for Espresso No



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Kagumoini is a "factory" (a coffee mill) that is part of the Mugaga Farmer's Cooperative Society. It's near Karatina town in Mathira, Nyeri with average farms in the area at 1600 meter altitude, red volcanic loam soils (typical for the area), and other crops including tea, corn, and bananas. It's a typical cooperative in those respects, but the quality of coffee produced at this mill has been very high season after season. We have offered a Kagumoini lot many times in the past, as well as other Mugaga coffees: Kiamabara, Keini, Gatina and Gathugu. I have visited there twice, and was impressed with the Mugaga coop organization and the processing practices at Kagumoini as well (the first photo is of Patrick, one of the mill managers). As with other good coops in Nyeri, they always have the farmer separate the ripeness of the coffee cherry before submitting it for processing, removing under-ripes that create astringency in the cup. Small things like this make a huge difference in the resulting coffee. This is a peaberry outturn, where they separate all of the small, round peaberry beans from the flat beans. It doesn't necessarily equate to a better cup, but we found this lot to be superior to the AA and AB screen sizes.

The dry fragrance has sweet smell of blackberry cooked in brown sugar, like you were making the filling for a fruit crumble. From City to Full City, fruits really flourish in Kagumoini's aromatics and cup flavors. The wet aromatics have golden raisin character, coupled with vanilla caramel candy smell, and orange blossom honey. The cup is vibrantly bright and tangy, with sweet mandarin orange acidity. There is a caramel sweetness that is nicely offset by a rindy citrus in the finish. At the hub are fruit flavors of red grape, tart green apple, and boysenberry. Kagumoini offers a refreshing fruited sweetness in both our City and Full City roasts, though the latter shifts toward a dark berry flavor matrix, jammy, and dense. If you're looking for the snappy brightness of a Kenya cup, you'll be rewarded in the City/City+ range. Acidity intensity tones down to more subdued hues with heavier roasting, while still retaining a fruit-forward cup character.