Kenya Nyeri Gititu SWP Decaf - Archived Review

Kenya Nyeri Gititu SWP Decaf - Archived Review


THIS COFFEE HAS SOLD OUT. Heavy spice, syrupy sweetness, cherry cola, and clove chewing gum -intense decaf! Unique citric brightness is well-integrated. Fruited cocoa in darker roasts. City to Full City.

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Additional Info

Varietal SL-28
Grade AB
Arrival Date October 2015 Arrival
Appearance .2 d/300gr, 15-17 screen
Intensity / Prime Attribute Medium to Bold Intensity/Dark sugars, clove spice, fruited characteristics, bright
Region Nyeri District, Karatina Division
Roast Recommendations City to Full City will produce the most intensity
Organic No
Farm Gate Yes
Recommended for Espresso No



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This is one of our latest custom decaf coffees. Gititu Factory is part of Aghuti Farmers Cooperative Society (FCS), an FCS that includes a few other stations we buy from: Thageini and Kagumo. This is essentially a cooperative as we know it, replete with washing station at the collection site, where members make coffee cherry deliveries. We bought a few lots from this particular Factory this year, and wound up sending off an AB separation (15 - 17 screen size) for decaffeination. We've been sending our coffees off to the folks at Swiss Water decaf plant for a few years now, and are continually impressed with how much of the original profile is retained after processing. Water process decaf means no chemicals are used, only water to swell the beans, separate caffeine, leaving much of the volatile compounds that affect aroma and taste intact. Which is pretty incredible, and particularly apparent when tasting certain African coffees such as this one, where fruit notes and acidity continue to shine brightly. We're still working on a spider graph for this coffee - our average score was 87.9 points.

It's not often we get to try Kenyan coffee as decaf (partly due to their expense to begin with!), and so this is a special treat. The fragrance is very sweet, 'syrupy', if I can say that about dry grounds, and with punchy spice notes like cinnamon stick and clove syrup. The wet aroma has a smell of candied citrus peel, a tart-sweet allusion, and light berry notes. The cup echoes this citrus characteristic, especially in light roasts, a pungent orange flavor along with a spiced plum pudding aspect. This coffee wasn't extremely high in acidity to begin with, but still more than your average Latin American coffee, and so you can expect a nicely-integrated citric brightness in City to City+ roast levels that provides a mouth-cleansing effect uncommon in decaf coffees. The cooling cup shows a spice candy note that is a lot like "Clove" brand chewing gum. Deeper roast levels bring out dark berry notes and brooding chocolate roast tones.