Kenya Mathira Ngandu AB

Kenya Mathira Ngandu AB


Red fruit notes are prevalent in the brewed coffee, our City roast offering cherry alluded and raspberry juice, along with dried mango. Subtle floral note, and soft, lemon water acidity. Big cocoa and fruit with heavier roasting. City to Full City. Good for espresso.

Additional Info

Cultivars SL-28, SL-34, Ruiri-11
Processing Method Wet Process (Washed)
Grade AB
Appearance .4 d/300gr, 15-17 screen
Arrival Date September 2017 Arrival
Roast Recommendation City to Full City - fruited and bodied all along this spectrum
Region Mathira District, Nyeri County
Organic No
Farm Gate Yes
Recommended for Espresso Yes


The Ngandu wet mill was erected in the early 1950s in the Mathira Division of Nyeri County. Settled on the slopes of Mount Kenya, farmers in this area benefit from the nutrient rich volcanic soil, as well as high altitude. Most farmers are above 1700 meters, and the station itself is located just below at 1650 meters above sea level. Ngandu once belonged to the Mathira Farmers Cooperative Society, which served the wet mills in the area at that time. They've since broken off, along with six other wet mills, to form the Rutuma Farmers Cooperative Society ("FCS"). The FCS currently serves about 1700 small farmers between all of it's processing facilities (the "Factories" as they're called in Kenya), small producers who generally manage much less than a hectare of coffee. The dominant cultivars are SL-28 and SL-34, as well as some Ruiru-11. This is the AB outturn, a grade classification that specifies the physical size - in this case 15 to 17 1/64ths of an inch - and low defect count. 

Toffee sweet smells are released after grinding City roasts of Ngandu, as well as a sweet cherry smell thats more like a cherry flavored drink than the fruit itself. Fruit jam suggestions come through with a little more development, Full City roasts marked by a smell of blackberry preserves. Sweet smells are spread thick in Ngandu's aroma, spanning a range of raw to caramelizing sugars, dried fruit, and deep cocoa roast tones in our Full City roast. Red fruit notes are prevalent in the brewed coffee, our City roast offering more of the cherry alluded to in fragrance, along with raspberry juice, and dried mango. Ngandu has softer acidity than most of our Kenyas, even at City roast level, but the flavors are clean and articulate, and the subtle lemon water mouthfeel adds a soft vibrance to the cup. I get a floral, retronasal response too in these light roasts, like an understated lilac aroma. Full City roasts are a bold brew, bittering cocoa flavors are tempered by sweet berry fruit, and a tropical aroma. Being that this isn't a super bright coffee, it's a great option for Kenyan espresso. An espresso shot of the Full City roast with just a day's rest tasted like dark chocolate-covered dried cherries, with a tart pomegranate note in the finish.