Kenya Kirinyaga Karimikui AA - Archived Review

Kenya Kirinyaga Karimikui AA - Archived Review


THIS COFFEE HAS SOLD OUT. Karimikui AA is classic Kenya cup, layered notes of sweet citrus in both flavor and acidity. Lemony citrus, orange marmalade, green grape, and syrupy butterscotch sweetness, with a tangy bittersweet finish. City to Full City. Good for espresso.

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Additional Info

Varietal SL-28
Grade AA
Arrival Date May 2015
Appearance .2 d/300gr, AA 17-18 screen
Intensity / Prime Attribute Bold intensity / Many layers of fruit, sweetness, rindy finish
Region Kirinyaga District
Roast Recommendations City to Full City. This works through a wide range of roasts, and dark roasts will make nice but somewhat outrageous espresso
Organic No
Farm Gate Yes
Recommended for Espresso Yes



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The auctions in Kenya have remained very competitive, and the prices reflected the high demand for a much smaller than average harvest. We found many great coffees from the Kirinyaga district, and we're pretty excited about this AA Karimikui. It's a slightly larger lot in our first container from Kenya: That means we can offer it for a longer time, and being stored in grain pro bags at origin like it is, you can be assured the green coffee will remain spectacularly fresh. This is an AA preparation, which refers to bean size. Karimikui is one of the "factories" (the Kenyan name for a washing station or wet mill that processes coffee fruit) of the Rugento Farmers Cooperative Society, which is in the town of Embu. We have bought some amazing lots from this station in the past as well, and I think this ranks up with the best. The name seems so Asian, Karimikui from Kirinyaga! And it is a classic Kenya tongue twister, in name and in flavor.

The complexity of this Karimikui AA is apparent in the aromatics, with a smell of tropical fruits and guava, coming up off the dry grounds. Darker roasts have fresh ginger and spice. This carries over in the wet aromatics, with deep sweetness of fleshy stone fruit, Medjool dates and fig pudding, with fresh cedar in darker roasts. The cup is classic Kenya. There are layered notes of sweet citrus, which are expressed in flavor and acidity. Light roasts have lemony citrus with lots of caramel and fruit - orange marmalade, and green grape. Full City roasts are very syrupy and taste of ripe orange and butterscotch, finishing with a tangy bittersweet. Dark fruits really show at the City+/Full City roast range, with lots of concord grape juice and fresh fig. Karimikui is a great brewed coffee and will do well from light (expressing citrus aspects) to dark (expressing dark fruits, sugar development, citrus). If you do take the roast toward Full City or beyond, definitely try pulling a shot of espresso after 48+ hours rest. It's sure to have lively acidity and taste very sweet.