Kenya Gichugu Kamwangi AB - Archived Review

Kenya Gichugu Kamwangi AB - Archived Review


THIS COFFEE HAS SOLD OUT. Milder Kenyan expressions of citrus and sweetness make this a prime candidate for Kenya espresso as well as brewed coffee. Malic to citric fruits, and acidity that winds up somewhere between grapefruit and black tea. City to Full City. Good for espresso.

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Varietal SL-28
Grade AB
Arrival Date May 2015 Arrival
Appearance .4 d/300gr, AB 15 - 17 screen
Intensity / Prime Attribute Medium intensity/Brown sugar and baking spice, mild fruit notes, citric to tea-like acidity
Region Kirinyaga District, Gichugu Division
Roast Recommendations City to Full City works well; light roasts showcase brightness, while Full City focuses on balance, and makes a great espresso
Organic No
Farm Gate Yes
Recommended for Espresso Yes



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Kamwangi factory is located in the Gichugu division of Kirinyaga district. The factory has the good fortune of being connected to the national electric grid, and washing resources are plentiful with the nearby Nyamindi river as the source. Kamwangi is part of the New Ngariama Farmers Cooperative Society (FCS). These factories are basically small washing stations set up in a particular area and are allied with a larger cooperative society - the FCS. Factories have wet mills, washing/fermenting channels, and raised beds where the coffees are basically processed all the way down to dried parchment (being meticulously sorted along the way). Kamwangi has a water recirculation system set up, as well as eight waste water soaking pits to help minimize the environmental impact. Kamwangi farmers grow primarily SL-28, SL-34, and Ruiru 11 cultivars, benefitting from the red volcanic soils of Mt Kenya, and most above 1800 meters.

Kamawngi AB has a sugary scent to the dry grounds, blended with concord grape, and cardamom spice. It's a perfumed fragrance at City roast level, sweet fruit and baking spice smells, along with sugar browning sweetness. The wet grounds of City roasts have a blend of citrus and brown sugar, quite sweet, a top-smattering of meyer lemon, and black tea leaf on the break. There's a solid brown sugar and spice flavor in the cup of City roasts, followed by notes of apple candy and pink grapefruit. The fruit flavors open up a bit as the coffee cools, but remain medium intensity, nowhere near out on top. Tea notes are close behind, and the acidity goes from citric to tannic and tea-like. Full City roasts develop cocoa powder and cedar chip accents, while retaining a sweet citrus flavor on into the finish. This coffee is Kenya all the way, but typical citrus and fruit flavors are slightly muted and without any real "edge". And with a weighty body, and rather mild profile (for a Kenya anyway!) this makes an excellent choice for Kenyan espresso - like dark chocolate orange, and a thick sweetness bound to the palate by viscous texture.