Honduras Valle de Angeles - Serrato - Archived Review

Honduras Valle de Angeles - Serrato - Archived Review


THIS COFFEE HAS SOLD OUT. Incredible body, inky, raw sugar and nut sweetness, and a cedar chip accent. Green apple and Meyer lemon hints, and more than enough cocoa with roast development. City+ to Full City+. Great for espresso.

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Additional Info

Grade SHG EP
Arrival Date August 2015 Arrival
Appearance .4 d per 300 grams, 15-18 Screen
Region Valle de Angeles
Roast Recommendations City+ is a good starting point, and brightest cup (though this isn't a high acid coffee!); Full City adds wonderful chocolate roast tones
Organic No
Farm Gate Yes
Recommended for Espresso Yes



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Valle de Ángeles is located within the Department of Francisco Morazán in south of the country. The valley sits between four main mountain peaks, lending to high altitude coffee farms in the region. This lot is from a single farmer, Carlos Serrato, part of a direct partnership between a local exporter and farmer-group association. The Serrato family are one of several hundred members of the latter, whose benefits from pooled resources includes building a wet-mill (replete with new eco-pulper), subsidized production and agricultural costs, and agronomical and business support from hired technicians. And through their export-partnership they're afforded a direct connection to the global coffee market, important in getting the best possible price for their coffees. Before and after dry-milling, the coffee is hand-picked through, removing much of the visible physical defects. This is apparent when culling over a few hundred grams of green coffee, recovering only a few nicked beans.

We found CIty+ to be the optimal starting point for this coffee, highlighting thick body and balancing sweetness, while still leaving room for subtle top note accents. The ground coffee has a nutty sweetness in the dry fragrance, like praline nut. Spice accents highlight the wet aroma, with aspects of cocoa and roasted nut on the break. At City+ this coffee has a surprising brightness, a little like apple juice, and incredibly inky body. The sweetness off bittering cocoa tones, offering a pleasant juxtaposition. Fruited accents highlight the cooling cup, green apple and Meyer lemon come to mind, with hints of macadamia and pecan, as well as a slight cedar chip note. Full City roasts develop a delicious dark cocoa flavor along with balancing raw sugar sweetness and fruited hints that play out in the finish. An ideal "daily-drinking" coffee for us, also making incredible espresso in these darker roast levels.