Guatemala Antigua Finca Pavon-2017 Archived Review

Guatemala Antigua Finca Pavon-2017 Archived Review


THIS COFFEE HAS SOLD OUT. Finca Pavon offers up flavors of high % cacao bar with black currant, along with dark grape and grape skins. Brown sugar sweetness with mild yet clean fruit juice-like acidity. City+ to Full City. SO Espresso.

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Additional Info

Cutivars Bourbon
Grade SHB EP
Processing Method Wet Processed
Appearance .4 d/300gr, 15-17 screen
Region Antigua, Sacatepequez Department
Arrival Date June 2017
Roast Recommendations City to Full City for brewed coffee, and Full City to Full City+ and beyond makes amazing espresso
Organic No
Farm Gate Yes
Recommended for Espresso Yes



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Finca Pavon is located in the flatlands Antigua, an area we've been actively buying coffee from for several years now. The farm gets it's name from the original owner, Manuel Francisco Pavon. Pavon was a member of the agriculture department, and as such had access to endless farming information. He planted Finca Pavon in Bourbon back in the mid 1800's, which is basically, still the dominant varietal today. When current owner Marina Duran inherited the farm, it was in dire straights, unkempt, nowhere near being lucrative as a coffee farm. She cleaned it up quite a bit, and because of the inherent trouble with compact soil and root ventilation in the area (also causing flooding because of these factors), continuing the sole planting of Bouroncito (Bourbon 1800) made for a good option to thrive in this environment, not compromising "Bourbon" cup quality. Finca Pavon is 5 hectares in total, and we were able to build this 12 bag lot from what we thought were the best lot separations from the farm.

Finca Pavon's deep has a caramel sugar sweetness in the ground coffee, along with hints of roasted barley malt. The wet crust has a scent of cocoa butter and roasted almond, and the break gives off a scent of cinnamon and sugar toast. The cup has straight-forward caramel and brown sugar flavor when hot, that provides a nice focused base for raisiny top notes. City+ roasts are so sweet, an underlying flavor of turbinado brown sugar, giving way to top accents of black currant and tea, and high % cacao bar fills out the finish. This year's crop has surprising acidity level too, a tea-like backbone that really makes for a structured cup. There's nothing overpowering in the cup - bittersweetness is balanced, and with mild-but-present top notes that add subtle complexity without taking outside the realm of daily drinking coffee. It has a juiciness to it, bodied and weighted, which really showcases flavors of dark grape and grape skins. Great at City+ to Full City+, with deep roasts producing great espresso too. City+ shots are rich in chocolate tones, but with a nice citric bite too. I took one roast to the first snaps of 2nd crack (441 on my thermacouple), and acidity was almost completely muted, leaving behind incredibly thick layers of dark cocoa, suprisingly matched in strength by a backdrop of raw sugar sweetness.