10 PACK-Gold Foil 8 oz Valve Bag

10 PACK-Gold Foil 8 oz Valve Bag

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**PACKS OF 10 ONLY - NO SINGLE BAGS** Here's a ZipLoc-style valve bag for storing a 1/2 pound of roasted coffee. This is one of the best ways to preserve freshness. Go ahead...fill them with your best roast, customize them with your own labels and drop them into care packages for friends and family.

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Fire up your Inkjet printer, make some fancy custom labels, slap them on these bags, and make someone's head spin with the taste of good fresh coffee! This is your only chance to justify all that roast smoke you have generated all year long.  If you are shipping coffee, or storing darker roasts, I strongly suggest these over paper bags. Paper ones will, despite the liner, stain with coffee oils.  These bags do WONDERS to preserve coffee aromatics! Valve bags are not good for storing ground coffee.