Fresh Roast SR700

Fresh Roast SR700


The Fresh Roast SR700 is a fluid bed air roaster featuring the same heat and fan speed adjustments, glass roasting chamber for visibility, and chaff collector of the SR500 model, with added computer compatibility and roasting software. Approximately 4oz batch size.

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Approximately 4oz batch size. The Fresh Roast SR700 comes with fully programmable computer software, giving users the ability to save and duplicate roast profiles for all preferences of coffee. It’s an easy plug and play system using the provided sync cord and program (included on mini CD). Adjust time, temperature, and fan speed at any point during the roast and save your changes, to be used again.  The software allows you to make changes to the roast profile even after the roast has completed and use for a later roast. The chaff collector works well, and although it doesn't have a smoke reducer, the top of the machine slows the flow of smoke so roasting under your oven's hood fan will eliminate most of the smoke.

Click HERE to download the SR700 Manual

Click HERE to download the SR700 Software and an example roast